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Circle: Rakennus (live) CD [Ektro Records (Ektro-048)]      13e

Rakennus – approximately the seventh full length Circle release this year – is an hour-long snapshot of the band's recent tour of the USA. The concert (recorded in September in Charlottesville, Virginia) thunders and wobbles onwards with unprocessed autenticity. The recording effectively captures the full spectrum of Circle's contemporary live expression, revealing to us a glimpse of the spiritual landscapes of the most astonishing speedkraut pioneers of our times.

There's an abundance of ritualistic rumbling to be discovered between the twitchy hard rock show opener ”Uusi uhraus” and ”Kaappikellon kummitus”, the ravishing Rättö ja Lehtisalo cover song that closes the album. Rakennus displays the joy of playing music in its most pure form. (Eetormentor)

Circle: Miljard 2CD [Ektro Records (Ektro-040)]               13e

Exploding walls of psychedelic guitars, "ingenious pop compositions", motorik krautrock, melodic harmonies, intensive riffs and ecstatic vocal performances? This album does NOT contain any of the things previously mentioned!

Slow-moving abstract atmospherics, inspiring and determined wandering and a stagnant universe of winter are present on Circle's new double album MILJARD. New Wave of NWOFHWM!

The album was produced by Mika Rättö. Rocking has been traded for some quiet reading on the couch at home.

Circle: Panic CD [Ektro Records (ektro-044)]                    13e

Jälleen uusi albumi Circleltä. Kokeellisen rokin veteraanit liikkuvat nyt asteikon laidasta laitaan ennen kokemattomalla staattinen-hyperaktiivinen-asteikolla. Soundimaailma on aitoa 2000-lukua aina kuulaista syntetisaattorimaisemista seinän läpi murjoviin "speed-kraut"-purskahduksiin. Sotaa ja levottomuuksia kuvaava kansitaide ja albumin triptyykkimäinen rakenne maalaa kuulijan mieleen monimuotoisia kuvia länsimaisen sivistyksen historiasta ja nykytilasta.

A new release from Circle, once again. This time these experimental veterans study the both ends of the previously unheard static / hyper-active scale. Soundwise they have clearly proceeded to the 21st century, jumping from limpid synthesizer soundscapes to wall-smashing "speed-kraut" bursts. The triptych construction of the album along with the cover art that portrays war and street riots raise various associations on the history and the current state of Western civilization.

Mummi Kutoo: S/T (+unreleased bonus material) CD [Ektro Records (Ektro-022)]       13e

The CD reissue of Mummi Kutoo's self-titled debut is a must for anyone interested in Finland's currently hip psychedelic-folk scene (Lau Nau,
Kiila, Avarus, etc.). It's also essential for fans of such post-hippie beauties as the Incredible String Band, Roy Harper, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd. First released by the immortal Love Records, Mummi Kutoo is much more than eclectic folk rock that employs instruments like piano, banjo, tuba,
and mandolin: the album's soft dreamscape exhibits a thorough understanding of melodic orchestral pop, fragile coffeehouse jazz, and light AM country. Nine unreleased bonus tracks appear alongside the original 1975 LP cuts.       LISTEN SAMPLE HERE!!!!    

Kuusumun Profeetta: Hymyilevien laivojen satama CD [Ektro Records (Ektro-038)]          13e

This multi artistic band from Pori have on their new album gone partly back to the peaceful, acoustic moods of their first couple albums in Finnish language, but they also have something new to offer. The orchestration has been taken further than before on a few of tracks on this album, and there is a little even theatrical touch. The heavy Profeetta that was introduced on the previous album has now been faded out, but there still is a couple of tracks worth of tighter stuff in there.

The album begins with a few minutes of narration/vocal part and theatrical orchestration after which “Hän joka ei koskaan ollutkaan” transforms into more ordinary, great band track. “Syysaika” is a beautiful ballad featuring some soft slide guitar and sad Rhodes. The more rocking “Binääripyhimys” could well be Rättö & Lehtisalo with its kraut rock influences. This amazing track also has funny lyrics and it even has hit potential! “Oi sydämiä särkevä Valentine” starts with a laid-back electric piano thing after which comes the tragic, jazzy thing in ¾ time greatly seasoned with the horn section. A very nice track. “Mies muistoja varten” sounds like earlier Kuusumun profeetta being a peaceful, slow and melancholic track, although it grows more intensive in the middle in a magnificent way. Some great horns on this one too.

Some more energetic stuff is presented with “Tunnit muuttuu minuuteiksi” that has some very effective bass playing and proceeds with a riding comp. The trumpet gives a Mexican feel to it at one point. The middle part is rather progressive and a bit cacophonic with the string and wind instrument orchestration, after which they get back into rocking out. A totally great song! Then, again, follows a peaceful and pretty song called “Ammeellinen kyyneleitä”. The art school girls will like it and so do I. The shorter “Vanhat sääret” borrows from “Celluloid Heroes” by The Kings, the pretty and calm title track is an OK instrumental with acoustic guitar. The album is finished in a bit surprising way with the pirate-themed “Hattu ja kompassi” that even has some accordion. The very end gets quite psychedelic! A bit confusing ending for the album, but at least it gives some more colour to this amazing and very well produced CD. I guess next the band will write a musical for Broadway!
(18.04.06 by Dj Astro)            LISTEN SAMPLE HERE!!!!!

Steel Mammoth: Atomic Mountain CD [Ektro Records (ektro-047)]               13e

Steel Mammoth's classic debut album "Atomic Mountain" is soon available on Ektro Records. Refreshing like a cool breeze on a burning post nuclear holocaust desert, Atomic Mountain never fails to strengthen the world-weary warrior spirit.

Intensive desert rock grooves riding on loud metal war machines, sinister
harmonies laid upon beastly delay drone growls, the most primal motorik boogie rocking confronted by exstatic pagan percussion rustle.

Pharaoh Overlord: #4 CD [Ektro Records (Ektro-036)]

The riffs! The riffs! If Quasimodo played guitar instead of church bells, this is likely the kind of music he would play. Pharoah Overlord are Finland’s finest retro-metal activists and this, clearly, is their 4th record. By the first 30 seconds of album opener ‘Now We Know’ you’ll know what to expect – riffage of the highest order. Chugging like a freight train full of weighty steel over a rickety bridge, the secret to Pharaoh’s success is that every track is essentially the same, so if you like one – you’ll love ‘em all. Here’s a trick, fire your hairdresser, buy a black teeshirt and leave it in the washing machine for a few weeks, stop taking showers and play this cd LOUD. Then and only then will you be initiated into the world of the metaller. I am left wondering whether this lovely subculture ever made it to Finland or if these guys are out on their own? Whatever the back story ‘#4’ is a rollocking ride of a record.
(Boomkat)             Listen Sample here!!!

Krypt Axeripper: Mechanical Witch CDEP [Ektro Records (Ektro-042)]             7e

What's that I hear? The Earth itself shakes and shivers, as if in fear! There's an evil sound, carried by the wind... The sound of a thousand thundering hooves, galloping on a field of broken bones and helmets...

Oh, no... The Riders of Death! Coming from the Paradise!

Krypt did not want to be forgotten... He will not be forgotten! Therefore, anno domini 2007, the world will see Krypt Axeripper and his mechanical nightmares unearthed from the dusty depths of the Ektro Records Archives. Krypt rides again! N.W.O.F.H.M.!!!

Sunburned Circle: The Blaze Game CD [Conspiracy Records]           13e

SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN is a band in the loose sense of the word; it's better described as a banner under which a collective of musical freaks have gathered. So when they toured Europe in September 2006, and ended up in the same room as    Psych/Kraut/Hard-rockers CIRCLE in Tampere-Finland, they decide to jam together and record all of it. This session was edited down to a total of 40-minutes which wanders ongoing through free folk, psych, improv, spaced out- hippy jamming & noisy-rock bizareness . The collaboration of both America's & Finland's weirdest, is nothing less than sensational. (Conspiracy Records)