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You can buy most of our stuff in digital stream:

You can buy Pekko Käppi Jos Ken Pahoin Uneksii album in digital stream :

Pekko Käppi  Jos Ken Pahoin Uneksii  album has been
nominated as one of the Etno-Emma (a sort a same thing
as the Grammy-price, I pressume) nominees of the year 2008!

Käppi is also doing little UK tour 6.-16.2.2008. more info ->

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Here's what we have NEW for now:

Lauhkeat Lampaat : Amis & Amish Tape
Black Sparrow: CDR
Antti Tolvi: Tänän CDR
Pekko Käppi: Jos ken pahoin uneksii CD
Tomutonttu 10"----first ever made tomutonttu tape re-released, and re-mastered by man him self, mr TT!!!!
Lauhkeat lampaat: Taikaa takataskussa CD
also in stock our older stuff :
Maan matoset comp. cd (inc. hertta lussu ässä, kiila, kemialliset ystävät, kuupuu, islaja, lau nau...)
Kemialliset ystävät taju cs
Päivänsäde cs



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